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Money & the Perception of Being Happy: Part 1
  DarkDevildog, Nov 18 2010

Ok well this blog is mostly for me as it is a way to convert my thoughts into something readable and later hopefully into actions. Honestly TLDR but worth it in my opinion.

I have soo many points to make in this blog and sort of don't know where to start so i'm just going to start typing and let it flow from there.

A friend and I started talking and somewhere in our conversation I stated that i don't like our government. At all. I mean a government is important if certain countries literally invade our country, or if a individual decides to go on a killing spree but a governments job, in my opinion, is to maintain order and peace in a designated area(in your border). This might come as a somewhat shock to some of you seeing as I am currently active duty in the Marine Corps(the most testosterone driven group of animals in the world) but really what is a government's job. In my opinion a government should not limit a person on what he or she should do unless it involves destruction or harm to another person. But this isn't really the point of this blog. The reason I'm writing this blog is because i think there is something really wrong with this nation we live in. The United States. I can't say anything else about any other country because I've only visited other countries for brief periods of time and don't really have a huge sample size to base any thoughts off of. This country is based purely on propaganda and what companies want to tell you. The companies like to convince and sell sheep (people - but I'll call them sheep in this blog) products that we've fallen into a sort of enslavement for. This country's foundation for being happy is money, material goods, and "freedom". What is freedom. There are multiple types of freedom in my opinion. There is freedom to do what you want (which is what this country is "built" around) and there is freedom from everything else. This country is lacking REAL freedom. The freedom to not be tied to the T.V. every single night or the freedom to not get the new iPhone 4.0 when it comes out or watching a new episode of a T.V. show. Our country is built around soo much technology and stupid idea's that we have literally become a slave to the working environment just to satisfy a small % of that need. This country is built around happiness? Most people have to work 8-10 hours a day at some shitty job just to buy a decent house, some essential things(food and other things). My friend, Izack, told me this and i think it makes a lot of sense, "we only know ourselves, to the point of which society has molded us, to believe that we are this way. money hungry, materialistic, class oriented, constantly worrying about physical appearance and all types of other pointless shit that we've been socialized to believe in the 'normal' way to think. it has a lot to do with us just following our parents". I think is is extremely true.

There is a lot more that could go into this blog but i think right now this is a good foundation for futures thoughts. And this is only a Part 1. I could care less if you agree or disagree with this as these are my thoughts.

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Demonoid Invite?
  DarkDevildog, Sep 25 2010

Anybody have a Demonoid invitational code that they can give me? I would appreciate it greatly.


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  DarkDevildog, Jun 23 2010

I started tilting towards the end of my session today, and now that its over i'm really pissed. I did ok in terms of making money, but i made some plays that were probably stupid and that pisses me off more than making money.

I guess i should be happy about that.

On another note, the stake is going good. My staker should make some $$ which is good news for him .

I'm running at exactly 2.0 BB/100 according to PT3, which translates to 4bb/100 over the last 95k hands at 100nl-200nl RUSH. Now i need more volume.

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